Energy Industry Insurance Programs & Services

The professionals at Cool Insuring have a long-standing tradition of providing quality energy insurance to the power industry. Whether it be a co-generation station using biomass for fuel, or a remote hydroelectric station, we have worked with clients from the planning and financing phase to full operation.

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We strive to be part of your risk management team and this can only be done by experienced insurance brokers who truly know the industry, and can then articulate your needs to the various underwriters. We take pride in our exceptional relationship with the nation’s leading underwriters of energy companies, and we are therefore consistently able to negotiate the best price / coverage combination in energy insurance for our clients.

“Given the tremendous amount of uncertainty and transformation now occurring throughout the power industry, many owners and operators of power facilities are creatively reshaping their business operations…Whether it is the buying or selling of sites, working as a contractor for others, or developing plants in foreign countries, the depth and scope of risks associated with these business practices are rapidly changing. Power industry professionals are encouraged now, more than ever, to fully understand what the impact of such business practices will be to their insurance and risk management portfolios.” (Excerpt from an article published by Bob Muncil of Cool Insuring Agency, Inc. which appeared in Hydro Review Magazine.)

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