Business Insurance & Risk Management Services for Canadian Companies with US Operations

For Canadian Companies with US operations, Cool Insuring has a long-standing tradition of providing unparalleled business insurance and risk management services. We work directly with the Canadian insurance broker or the US subsidiary company.

We act as your strategic partner to place all types of insurance coverage, in all states, and guide you through any unique insurance issues you may face.

Cool can place all types of insurance including Workers Compensation, Employee Benefits, Property, Liability and more. We can even help evaluate potential mergers and acquisitions for your clients.

Plus, given our excellent relationships with a wide range of global carriers, we can help any size company – from the largest, publicly traded Canadian companies to small start-up businesses – get the broadest coverage available at the most competitive premiums.

Protect your U.S. business exposure by taking advantage of Cool’s buying power and on-staff safety consultants.

Contact Robert Muncil at 1-800-233-0115