Added Value Services

Cool Insuring Agency, Inc. is a member of the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) and employs a staff dedicated specifically to surety. We are equipped to handle accounts of all sizes and offer a wide range of Surety and Fidelity products such as:

  • Construction related Bonds – including Bid, Performance & Payment, Maintenance and Permit Bonds
  • License Bonds – including Beer & Liquor, Motor Vehicle Dealers, Sales & Use Tax
  • Court Bonds – Probate bonds securing compliance with court order (e. g. Administrators of a Will), Judicial proceedings bonds (e.g. Mechanic’s lien, Attachment, and Replevin)
  • Fidelity Products – Commonly referred to as Employee Dishonesty bonds, these products also meet the ERISA requirement for companies offering Employee Welfare Pension or Benefit Plans. Fidelity Products are available for specific business needs such as Financial / lending Institutions and Credit Card Forgery.
  • Miscellaneous Bonds – including Lost Securities, Union Wage & Welfare, Public Official

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For businesses with Revenues in excess of $500,000, to present and qualify your bond needs with a surety the following items are needed:

Whether you are a large contractor seeking to expand your surety program or a small business contractor looking for your first bond, we can help. Once your surety program is established, bonds are issued quickly and efficiently, so you won’t miss a bid deadline.

In addition, our expert risk-engineering team and 24 Hour Claims Department help minimize any insurance loss during the construction process.

Call (800)-233-0115 and contact Cool for assistance with all you bond and insurance needs.

Represented Surety Carriers:

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